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Auto fluff, ASR, Toxic Smoke, PCB's, Metals Recycling

    The people of the Dyerville Area, in Johnston, RI, are sick and tired of the noises, "accidental" explosions, which are causing walls and windows to crack in our houses, (which the Fire Chief stated in a newspaper article that the explosions are only nuisances), fires, houses shaking constantly, soot and auto fluff floating in the air and nasty odors emanating from the Metals Recycling, LLC plant in the neighborhood at all times of the day and night. 

    Metals Recycling, LLC merged with Schnitzer Group and is now called Schnitzer Northeast.

    Metals Recycling, LLC, is a business that crushes automobiles and other metals and grinds up the plastic and everything else that is not metal in an automobile or appliances. It is called auto fluff or ASR (Automobile Shredded Residue, which contains Polychlorinated Biphenyls, PCB's). It is very hazardous. Metals Recycling, LLC, keep getting bigger and bigger each year.

    On Saturday, July 13, 2002, there was a four-alarm fire at the Metals Recycling, LLC plant in Johnston, RI (the ASR caught fire). Several different towns and cities had to be called in to help fight the fire, which took around 8 hours to contain and the smoke was seen as far away as Fall River, MA, 22 miles away.  The area residents were evacuated from our homes and businesses because of the "toxic" smoke and were not let back into them until later on that night, or were told to stay in their houses and not to go out. One resident had just had back surgery two days before and had to drive herself out of the area.  D.E.M. said the smoke was not "toxic", at the time that they showed up it was after 5pm.  If it was not "toxic", then why were we evacuated from our homes?

    Metals Recycling, LLC have another plant in the Port of Providence area of Providence, RI.  Why can't they close up in Johnston and move their facilities to the Annex plant in Providence.  That part of Providence is an industrial park.  It is located next to a sewer treatment plant.

    On Friday, September 12, 2003 at around 8:45pm there was a "container" fire.  In a newspaper article it was stated that it was a small container fire that took minutes to put out, but actually, it took about 45 minutes to be put out.

    The residents are tired of having health problems.  Some have migraines, allergies, sleeping problems, breathing problems, a 3 year old has been having seizures since the fire.  In one family, the wife and daughter both died of breast & lung cancer and the husband just died of lung cancer in Oct. 2003.

    Metals Recycling, LLC says they have grandfather's rights.  What about the residents that have lived there long before Metals Recycling, LLC moved in? What about their grandfather's rights? 

Big fire at Metals Recycling, LLC (Schnitzer, Northeast) on August 17, 2008.  It started around 1:30pm.  This time the cars were on fire, not the auto fluff.  Residents were told to keep their windows and doors shut because they didn't know the air quality.

Pictures taken 6 1/2 hours later.

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